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Meagan Wesley, MA, APCC 12244

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Meagan received her degree from Adam State University in Clinical Mental health. She is creative Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who is creative and queer. 

She enjoying working with people who are struggling with anxiety, trauma and posttraumatic stress, especially individuals who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. She looks forward to working with all individuals committed to improving their mental wellbeing so that they may move through life with confidence and ease.

From personal experience, she is aware that initiating the step to seek support can be intimidating. She believes taking this step is an act of love for yourself that will change the way you experience the world. That’s why above all, she hopes you recognize the self-love you have shown yourself today!

She is excited to join you on this journey! She is accepting new clients. 

A picture of a badge that says Inclusive Therapist Celebrating all identities and bodies. The badge is white, tan, peach and brown.
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