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Malia Green, MA, AMFT 
Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #133249

Malia Green is a  Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. Whether your problem is related to relationships, cutting out unhealthy habits, facing everyday stressors, or struggling to achieve your goals, she can help you discover what has been getting in your way, help you chart your course around it, and prepare you to face the challenges to come.


Making changes can feel risky and cause stress and anxiety to increase, however, she believes that stepping out of your comfort zone is a requirement to living a healthy, fulfilling life. She offers a non-judgmental space for you to share about your worries and frustrations while using a person-centered approach to treat you as an individual, rather than a statistic or stereotype.


She practices psychotherapy from a trauma-informed lens, meaning she considers how experiences can shape our perception of reality and create patterns. From her training and experience that through examining these perceptions and recognizing these patterns, we become conscious to other potential ways to address our struggles and discover new potential in ourselves. She hopes that you are willing step out onto a new path for yourself.

She is looking forward to working with you.

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