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We provide therapeutic services through a supportive environment where you are able to achieve improved emotional well being. This includes an exploration of your presenting life circumstances in a non-judgmental way and providing effective ways to handle them.


Therapy services Offered

Individual therapy (Children, Teens, Adults)


Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Group Therapy



Immigration Evaluations


Hardship Waiver

U and T visa

VAWA and Spousal Abuse

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Department of Transportation SAP 

Court Ordered evaluations



*Co-occurring Disorders


*Depression and Mood Disorders

*Anxiety Disorders

*Children and Families

*Grief and Loss

*Play Therapy

*Crisis Intervention

*Severe Mentally Illness

*Addiction and Recovery

*Relationship Problems

*Anger Management

*Family Conflict

*Life Transitions

*Adjustment Difficulties

* BIPOC communities

*LGBTQIA+ communities

*Group Therapy- Seeking Safety and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

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